A constant question for me has been how does my mantra of Be Radiant work with my book and the intention of Marketing God? The brand strategist in me likes clear messaging, and so I wanted to effectively connect these dots.  Like so many of my insights, these insights on how the two connect occurred at Mass.

The book Marketing God, and my subsequent work with parishes and ministries is designed to help people become Loyal to God.

What happens when people become LOYAL to God?  When people are loyal to God, they are constantly seeking him.  As my favorite Psalm 34:5 says “Look to Him and Be Radiant”.  By constantly looking to God, they become Radiant, God’s light shines through them and they can more effectively share that light with others.

The image that came to mind for me was the double helix, the DNA strands of life.  These strands are interwoven, dependent on each other.  Similarly, as parishes and ministries use marketing to support their evangelization efforts, they reach more people.  As more people become radiant and share the joy of Christ, that infectious joy brings more people back to Mass, back to ministries, back to God.  I see the possibility of this interwoven connectivity between these two hats I wear.

You will see both of these elements, Marketing God and Be Radiant reflected through-out the website.  They interconnect, they work together, they are both about drawing people to God and reflecting back to the world the light of Christ.

My hope and prayer for each of you is that together, whether as individuals or organizations, we can bring more people to God and in so doing, we can all Be Radiant!

Always Be Radiant,

Donna A. Heckler

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