What a time we live in friends!  A little over a year ago I introduced my newest book Marketing God. The point of the book, how we as faith filled Catholics, parishes and ministries can help lead others to be loyal to God.  At the time, we could never have imagined that less than a year later COVID would hit, causing our churches to close and people unable to participate in the sacraments, most especially the sacrament of the Mass.

As I reflect on all the implications COVID has had on our Catholic faith, I wonder if the book Marketing God is not needed now, more than ever. As parishes begin to reopen, they need to communicate effectively, sharing their plans with their parishioners. The need to be welcoming while also encouraging masks and social distancing. They need to open safely, in a structured manner. As a marketer, these items remind me of a secular product or service launch. We introduce something new in an intentional, thoughtful and structured manner. That is exactly what we need to do as parishes and ministries as we welcome the flock back.

It seems that the book continues to strike a chord with many, for which I am grateful.  As an example, Legatus Magazine  did a beautiful review of the book.  I have added a link for it, in case you would like to read it for yourself.  I am getting asked to speak more and more about Marketing God as parishes and organizations strive to reopen.

Meanwhile, I am still being asked to speak about radiance; what we as individuals can do to be radiant and share God’s light.  My hope is that if an organization follows some of the insights shared in the book Marketing God, that their parish or ministry’s radiance will shine brightly into the world and draw others to their good work and ultimately to God.

For years my “mantra” has been Be Radiant! When I tell myself that, I am reminding myself to radiate God’s love, to be present to people, to focus on the spirit of others, to shine in way that makes a difference for someone else.

My hope and prayer for each of you is that together, whether as individuals or organizations, we can bring more people to God and in so doing, we can all Be Radiant!

Always be radiant,

Donna A. Heckler

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