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Inspirational speaker Donna A. Heckler loves connecting with audiences and sharing her message of taking a time-out with God.  Are you thinking of inviting Donna to speak?  Take a sneak peak here of her inspirational message from the speech “And Then God Gave Me A Time Out”.   What do those attending her events think?  You can find their comments and testimonials here.




Invite Inspirational Speaker Donna A. Heckler to Your Event

Listed below are the variety of talks given by Catholic speaker Donna A. Heckler. Additional speeches are possible given the theme of your event or retreat.

Please email Donna A. Heckler to schedule a speaking event at DonnaAHeckler@gmail.com or contact CMG Booking.

Would you like to share Donna’s information with your team?  Download this one page flyer to introduce Donna and her inspirational message to others. Donna A Heckler Speaker Flyer


And Then God Gave Me A Time Out
This engaging speech shares the role faith has played in Donna’s life. Like so many, just when she thought things would be getting better, another little something happened. And her favorite phrase as a result: you have got to be kidding me, God. Laugh and smile on this journey with Donna as this Catholic speaker discusses her faith, how to be radiant, and how God always has your back.

Marketing God – Inspired Strategies                                                                                                                Can our parishes, ministries and apostolates use marketing techniques that work in corporate America and apply them to building God’s kingdom?  Global corporate marketing executive and Catholic speaker Donna A Heckler believes the answer is yes.  Based on her highly anticipated book “Marketing God:  Insightful Strategies for Building the Kingdom” this workshop provides the inside secrets for applying secular marketing techniques to reach and engage with more people through your ministry.

Living Like A Lady When You Have Cancer
This engaging and empowering speech shares Donna’s cancer story while reflecting on tips and tricks provided in her award-winning book, Living Like A Lady When You Have Cancer. Easily customizable, Donna can share various experiences depending on the needs of the audience.

Brands People Love
As an executive, Donna is known for building well-loved brands around the world.  In this customized talk, she brings those insights and strategies to life for organizations of all types and sizes.  Drawing from her book The Truth About Creating Brands People Love, Donna readily shares corporate secrets that make big brands what they are today, but she shares them in tangible ways so that you can apply them to your business.  Whether you want to build your brand, engage with your audience or improve your communication and marketing, Donna provides the strategies that will work for you.

Catching the Curve Balls of Life
If only life was a straight shot, but, it is not. Life is very much about how you handle the curve balls thrown at you. Journey with Donna as the corporate executive shares the curve balls experienced in her career and how those very curve balls made her the executive and woman she is today.