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Donna A. Heckler has been a global marketing, brand and communications executive for over 20 years.  As an advisor and consultant, she now focuses her attention on not-for-profit and mission driven organizations.  Her commitment is to bring the insight and strategies that large corporate entities to benefit the mission of charitable organizations.T2294 3.0.indd

With the launch of her book Marketing God, she been asked to do even more advising and contract work with Catholic faith-based institutions and ministries.  With a broad stable of faith-filled partners, Donna and her associates can provide a full suite of communication services for Catholic entities.

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 2.38.59 PMRegardless of the type of not-for-profit, Donna and her associates understanding the budgets of charitable organizations and work to provide cost effective strategy, marketing, and communication.

Should you have a project or need a marketing advisor, contractor, consultant or speaker on the topics of marketing, communication or brand strategy, we invite you to reach out to Donna to see if she or her partners may be able to assist you.

If would you like to see if Donna and/or her team could assist you, please contact us.