Book Club

Whenever Donna gives her “And Then God Gave Me A Time-out” talk, she always discusses her St. Louis book club and the faith based reading they did.  Often, as her talk concludes, she is asked if she would share the reading list.  While far from comprehensive, this page begins to share the books her book clubs (St. Louis and SW Florida) have read.  The most recent books are at the top of the list.

To Know Christ Jesus  by F. J. Sheed


This book is a deep exploration of Christ’s life with an intent to bring you into a more profound understanding of God’s will for us all.



The Reed of God  by Caryll Houselander


A beautiful, deep dive into our Blessed Virgin Mary. This book marries the theology of Mary with a clear understanding of the human experience that Mary must have had.


Walking With Purpose by Lisa Brenninkmeyer


An absolutely delightful book that encourages you to find inner peace through prayer, despite the busyness of life.

Mere Christianity  by C.S. Lewis.                                                  


A very meaty book, C.S. Lewis clearly articulates the rationale and, in fact, offers the “proof points” of God.



How Strong Women Pray  by Bonnie St. John


This book explores the prayer life of 27 women of strength.  Through interviews, their personal prayer life is revealed.




The Faith Club by Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver and Priscilla Warner


Three women of different faiths explore faith together, examining the differences and importantly the similarities.