Donna A Heckler, a keynote speaker at the Oklahoma Catholic Women's Conference. Testimonials share how Donna touches hearts when she speaks.
A standing ovation for Donna Heckler as she spoke with over 750 women at the Oklahoma Catholic Women’s Conference in 2018.

“Your story was a true inspiration. Your faith, strength and fortitude in the face of all those challenges had me in tears. … Your experiences have just strengthen my belief in our Father, Savior and Blessed Mother. Thank you so much for sharing YOU with us.”  Marge – Tampa – March 2023

“…thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You are definitely an inspiration to women, you are radiant.”  Isabel – Tampa – March 2023

“Ms. Donna, and everybody who has been watching this fantastic storyteller and listening to the beautiful story full of stress and suffering and healing and discovery; I was transfixed listening to you.  I have to add more adjectives: the story brought a lot of radiance and beauty and gratitude…!!”  William – YouTube – June 2022

“I am having my own “time-outs”.  Donna’s talk has made me realize that, and I NEED to start spending more time with God.”  Gina – Oklahoma – March 2018

“This was wonderful and so inspiring!  I want to keep track of you see what more you do in your life – you are not done doing God’s work!”  Tom – St. Louis – March 2018

“I felt badly for whoever had to follow Immaculee.  And then, Donna was next and absolutely knocked it out of the park!”  Margaret – Oklahoma – March 2018

“Your talk was wonderfully inspiring!”  Robyn – Oklahoma – March 2018

“What an amazing talk.  I wish my sister could have heard her talk when she was going through her cancer treatment.”  Nancy – Indiana – November 2017

“Donna was warm, funny, inspiring and faith-filled!”  Jane – Missouri – October 2017