Donna A Heckler, a keynote speaker at the Oklahoma Catholic Women's Conference. Testimonials share how Donna touches hearts when she speaks.
A standing ovation for Donna Heckler as she spoke with over 750 women at the Oklahoma Catholic Women’s Conference in 2018.


Testimonials Sharing How Donna Has Touched Hearts…


“I am having my own “time-outs”.  Donna’s talk has made me realize that, and I NEED to start spending more time with God.”  Gina – Oklahoma – March 2018


“This was wonderful and so inspiring!  I want to keep track of you see what more you do in your life – you are not done doing God’s work!”  Tom – St. Louis – March 2018


“I felt badly for whoever had to follow Immacolee.  And then, Donna was next and absolutely knocked it out of the park!”  Margaret – Oklahoma – March 2018


“Your talk was wonderfully inspiring!”  Robyn – Oklahoma – March 2018


“What an amazing talk.  I wish my sister could have heard her talk when she was going through her cancer treatment.”  Nancy – Indiana – November 2017


“Donna was warm, funny, inspiring and faith-filled!”  Jane – Missouri – October 2017