The Marketing God Project

The book Marketing God came out in August 2019.  A short 6 months later, everything shut down due to COVID.  As our parishes ministries, apostolates, schools and organizations are now starting to re-open, the tools of marketing are more important than ever.

So many people are clamoring for insights, workshops, tools that will support them as they re-open and more importantly, re-engage!  To offer the support and information needed, Donna has launched The Marketing God Project.    The Marketing God Project serves to connect all of the various resources that can be helpful to our churches, parishes, ministries, apostolates, schools, anyone seeking to learn and re-engage with their members.


Tools You Can Use

Keep coming back to this page for updates on tools and insights.  We will list the newest tools at the top for you!

Marketing God Podcasts:Faith and Media channel

The Marketing God Podcast is now out!  Tied to each Truth in the book, the podcast provides even richer insights into the material.  The podcast is now available on all of your favorite podcast apps.

Are you a fan of BreadBox Media, featuring a great variety of Catholic podcasts?  If so, look for us there with this link.

Marketing God Worksheets:

Worksheets for Marketing God are dropping along with each of the podcasts.  You can find a link to each worksheet in the description of the podcast. Donna hopes they help you work through each topic!  Just looking for all the worksheets?  Here is the link.


Marketing God Book Club:

Several people have been discussing reading Marketing God as part of their book club.  To make things easier, here is a spreadsheet that lists the podcast’s weekly topic, the podcast episode and which Truth in the book it works with.  Of course, the author is always happy to make a virtual visit to your book club to discuss any burning topics.  Happy Reading!

Marketing God FaceBook Group:

This group is designed for people to share ideas on what is working as they seek to re-open and re-engage.  All are welcome to join!

Marketing God YouTube Videos:

We have a new playlist with each of the podcasts now dropping on YouTube.  If you rather have the podcast show up each day in YouTube, this is the link to use.

Donna also has a few short videos as well as tapings of her full length workshops when available on YouTube.  You can find them all on her YouTube channel at Donna A Heckler.  Be sure to browse the playlists to see which topics are most helpful to you.  To make it easier, you can find all of Donna’s media directly at


Marketing God White Papers:

Donna has been crafting white papers with additional information on marketing from overall strategy insights to COVID specific insights.  These can be accessed by signing up for the Marketing God email list.  As new white papers are created, they will be automatically sent to all subscribers.

All For Free Because of You

Everything (aside from the book itself) is being provided to our parishes, schools, ministries, apostolates, and faith-based organizations for FREE due to the generosity of our donors.  If you would like to support these efforts, we are most grateful!

Look for the Buy Me A Cup of coffee to offer a little support.