Hair Grows Back – But, Did You Know?

You celebrate–cancer treatment is over and yes, that means your hair will finally start growing back! But just like so many parts of the cancer journey, there may be a few surprises along the way as this hair of yours grows back. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out. Our philosophy is that if you are aware of it, you can deal with it. So, here it goes…


1. Did you know – that it is very possible that not all of your hair will grow back? Before you panic, often times, it is the hair on your arms or legs that may just never grow back again. And really, wouldn’t it be great to never shave again? I know I love it!

2. Did you know – that it is very common for your eyelashes to fall-out, grow back in, only to fall out again about 6-8 weeks after you finish all your treatments? Again, no panicking, as they do typically grow back a second time. It can just be such a shock when you think you are done with all the hair-loss only to find your eyebrows have fallen out again.

3. Did you know – that as your hair grows in, it is very common for women to have a lot of hair growth on their face? Yes, you read that right. You can have it removed by going to an aesthetician that does derma-planing, as so many of them do. This hair growth on your face can last several months before it tapers off. So, don’t be surprised if you need a few salon appointments.

4. Did you know – that it is completely common for the hair on your head to grow back in very tight curls? The curls often relax about a year later. The experts say that by two years out you should have a good sense of what your long-term hair will be like. For some, it will go back to a more original texture. For others, they may always have a little bit more body and curl than pre-cancer treatment.

5. Did you know – that for some people the “hair down there” never grows back or grows back very sparsely? Again, sharing so you are not surprised…as many women simply thought it would grow back as the hair on their head did.

6. Did you know – that your hair regrowth may be very uneven? You may find hair on one arm or leg but not the other. For me, I have one very bushy eyebrow and one that is more “normal”.

No matter how your hair grows back in: how fast, how curly, how sparse, celebrate that your hair does grow back and always Be Radiant!