A Cat’s Life

 I have two cats, Tinkerbell and Pepper.  I watch them and wonder if I can learn to appreciate the little things in life, just like they do.  You know, that wonderful sunspot in the house that makes you feel oh so cozy.  Or, the squirrel scrambling around the backyard, now that is a real treat!  Or, how about when their human – me – comes home after being away at work.

They are so excited, it is time to play, get back rubs, even a treat…and perhaps the best part of all, curling up together at the end of a long day.

Last night they experienced the joy that comes with seeing a centipede in the house.  They were running around chasing it, batting it around a little bit, play with it.  Of course, what does “mom” do…I step on it.  Can’t have a bug running around the house you know.  If cats can look sad, these two looked forlorn!  Their new toy, their game, their fun event for the evening, snuffed out in one step.  They kept looking for that little centipede for hours….surely he had escaped Mom’s big shoe.

It is the little things they appreciate, they marvel at, they play with each day.  I keep reminding myself that I should take that lesson from them.   I get so caught up in the big things of life, that I don’t always remember to enjoy the little things; the smell of freshly cut grass, a beautiful flower in bloom, the glisten of a dew drop in the morning.

How can we in this 24/7 world find a minute to appreciate all around us?  Perhaps it starts with simply petting your cat or dog, or going on a slow walk in the evening just because, or gazing out your window at the life around you.  Even as I write this, TInkerbell has jumped on my chair wanting me to pet her for a little bit.  You know, I think I will…