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Have you been watching our Be Radiant videos?  We have just started to release them, and they really are very beautiful – people sharing their radiance and how God fills each person, every single day, with his light.

At the very beginning of each video the coffee cup is placed on the table, symbolic of sitting with friends, starting your day with a bit of coffee and radiance.  In these early videos, the clank of the coffee cup is a little loud.  But, as more videos are released, you will hear that the clank has softened.  Let me tell you why.

My friend Jarmaine was battling pancreatic cancer, and boy, did she ever put up a fight.  I would visit with her and share some of the work we were doing both around cancer and around faith.  I spoke of the videos we were creating and the plan to share them and share radiance around the world, through social media.

While we were not ready to roll the videos out, it did seem that Jarmaine would find some peace and comfort from some of them.  So, quietly, behind the scenes, I started sending them to her.  She loved them and kept wanting more!  She offered one little comment, perhaps we could soften the clank of the coffee cup.  She felt that as the videos were pulling us into a quiet space to consider God, our faith, and how we could be radiant, that the clank was too jarring; it disrupted the experience we were trying to create, it got in the way of sitting quietly with God.

I met with our team, and everyone agreed Jarmaine had nailed it!  We changed the sound and the softer “clank” was perfect.  After all, the entire point of the videos is to consider God’s radiance in others, not to listen to the man-made clanking!

Jarmaine passed away this week from pancreatic cancer and we laid her to rest on Tuesday.  As the coffee cup clanked in yesterday’s video post, I thought of Jarmaine.  The softer clank is coming, listen for it and remember the radiant soul who wanted to make sure our focus was in the right place.  Rest in peace my friend…




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