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Stan the Man Musial

Stan Musial Signed Baseball
A baseball signed by the legendary Stan “the Man” Musial.


Those of you into baseball know that there was a very special ballplayer from St. Louis,  Stan “The Man” Musial.

I knew of Stan the Man because my father loved him as a baseball player.  Dad is a Cubs fan.  But, when it came to Stan the Man, it didn’t matter that he played for the rival St. Louis Cardinals, he was that special.  As a child in the Cincinnati Ohio area, I heard early and often about the great ones, and Stan was always at the top of the list.

Fast forward and I move to St. Louis and join my Catholic parish, Annunziata.  Turns out Annunziata is the church that Stan and his wife had attended for years.  It also turns out to be the church where I met some lovely friends, Jane and Leo Garvin.  To this day, every Sunday after Mass, the Garvins and I head out to lunch; such wonderful people to spend a Sunday with each week.

Why do I share this?  Because I have attached an article that ran in the St. Louis Post Dispatch this morning about Stan the Man and the Garvins. Read it.  Trust me, you will enjoy it.  (Post Dispatch Jan 19, 2018.)

You see, I spend each day looking for radiant people, for people living their life by focusing on others, by being kind, by shining their light in the dark we so often see in this world.  In this article you will see great radiance.  The kindness and gentility of Stan the Man.  The humility of the Garvins. The love of family.  Reaching out and connecting with others.  It is all there.

I don’t need to look for radiance today.  It was presented on a silver platter, in the form of an article about several wonderfully radiant people and the magic that happened when they connected.


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