Marketing God

Let Us Begin

The award winning book Marketing God was introduced in August of 2019.  At that time, who could have imagined that a mere eight months later a pandemic would hit, shutting down the country and indeed the world, including our churches.

As we have entered into 2021, we are hopeful for a tomorrow that allows and even encourages parishes and ministries to re-open and re-engage with their members.  But, what will that look like?  After months of being closed, months of enormous heart ache and fear, how do parishes and ministries re-engage with their constituents?  Complicating the effort is knowing that the schedule will be different for everyone.  There is not one plan that will work nationwide or even state wide.  So, what are we to do?

The entire intention of the book Marketing God was to bring the knowledge and tools that are successful in corporate marketing to bear on our faith community.  The hope was always that parishes, ministries and organizations could use the tools in Marketing God to address challenges that they might be facing in reaching and engaging with their constituents.  The book was designed to be a resource so that teams could work through topics and issues on their own.

Using that same model, we are starting this regular column to offer insights and information that parishes, ministries and organizations can use, when they are ready, to re-engage with their constituents.  The book Marketing God will serve as our foundation.  But, there will be so much more, new insights, informative research, tools including a workbook, links to virtual conferences, talks, etc.

My fervent wish, to bring people back to church and to God.  My career has allowed me to work in the global marketing playground, now it is time to share what I know for something that really matters, our faith.

What do you think?

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