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Eclipsing Radiance

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Are you watching the eclipse today?  It seems like everyone is watching this exceptionally rare phenomenon.  It is amazing to me that something as big, as bright and as far away as the sun can be eclipsed by the moon; relatively speaking something small, dark and rather close to us.  It causes me to wonder, if the sun can go dark, if it’s radiance can be diminished for a few minutes by the moon, what does that mean for us?

We often speak and write about being radiant, about letting your inner beauty shine through, of letting God shine through you.  But, if the sun, in all its brilliance, can be darkened, how much easier it must be for us to be darkened.  What causes you to go dark?  An illness, a heartache, an argument, a harsh word; what eclipses your radiance?

The thing about the eclipse is that the sun’s beams, its radiance is still there.  We know that because we must wear special glasses or have our eyes damaged.  People tell you that even though the eclipse happens, it is not total darkness, those radiant beams are still making it to earth.  It looks more like dusk than the dark of night.

Isn’t this true for us also?  God’s radiance in us can not be extinguished.  Something may darken us, but God’s light can still shine through.  Granted, we may not see it in the moment, but God’s light is there, it is still shining bright in us.

I find it fascinating how quickly the eclipse passes by.  Within minutes, the sun is back to its full and radiant glory.  Can we find our radiance again that quickly, when darkness eclipses us?

I think there are so many parallels we can consider as we reflect on this eclipse.  It is comforting to know that much like the sun is still there, God is always there.  It is reassuring that while it may be dark for a moment, the light does return.  Perhaps most of all, I love realizing that no matter how large my darkness seems to be, God is there, bigger, brighter and more radiant than any possible “moon” I may have.

Be radiant my friends….








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