Be Radiant

Where Is The Radiance?


My heart is breaking, as are hearts all over the world, at the terrible news from Las Vegas this morning.

I keep trying to make sense of this, and of course, I can’t.  If anything, it just becomes more confusing.  Yesterday, October 1, marked the start of Respect Life month for the Catholic Church – and yet, that is the day this horrible tragedy occurred.  The complete opposite of Respect Life is this senseless killing.

During the month of October, as Catholics, we honor Mary and in particular, her appearance at Fatima on October 13.  We see her and know of her glowing with radiance.  How do we find radiance today, in the midsts of this nightmare?

I often think of radiance as the big bright light, the halos of Mary and our Saints, the smiles of joy that light up faces everyday.  Today, I see radiance differently.  I see radiance in the compassionate, caring eyes of people who tried to help others, who held strangers as they died.  I see radiance in the strength and will of the first responders who put themselves in harm’s ways to help others.

Radiance today is not bold.  Radiance today is in the quiet.  Radiance today is personal.  Radiance today is the look of love for another individual.  Radiance today is the steadfast commitment to each other through this shared grief.  Radiance today is in the unified prayers for comfort, peace, love for one another.

Radiance today is about how each of us can be a single, solitary, point of light for someone else.  In the wake of this nightmare, try to be a radiant point a light for someone else today.





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