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The Sounds of the Season



There is nothing quite like attending a Christmas music concert.  The sights, the smells, the sounds, the heavenly sounds that lift our spirits and remind us what this season is all about.

Last night might have been one of the most spectacular concerts I have attended in awhile.  The Daughters of Pauline, a religious order of Catholic Sisters have a traveling choir that performed here last night, and were they ever wonderful.  Their voices were individually so beautiful and collectively, simply breath-taking.

But it wasn’t just the voices, though I could have listened to them all night.  It was so much more.  These Sisters wear habits, but they had fun dressing them up a bit with a sparkly red scarf here or a Santa cap there.  Between most of the songs, they each shared little ditties, how they became a nun, or a little about their life in a habit.  Each story entertaining, insightful and with a little nugget of spirituality.

Their program was intentional, it was about showing love, dare I say, it was about being radiant.  They brought the children in the audience on stage to sing with them.  In the next breath, they sang a tribute song to all of the loved ones in all of our lives who have served as angels to each of us.

There I sat, with my book club, soaking in the sounds and realizing that the tribute to the angels was a tribute to each of them.  As I went through cancer, it was that very book club that I referred to as some of my dearest angels through that journey.

What a spectacular way to enter into this beautiful season. Each song was carefully chosen, intentionally shared, beautifully choreographed, and exquisitely sung. The angelic sounds of Christmas music, reminding us of why we celebrate, of the love and promise Christ brings to each of us.   No wonder I couldn’t help but smiling with great Joy to the World!



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