Donna A Heckler photograph of beautiful pink hydrangeas
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God’s Time-out: Looking versus Seeing

When I had my time-outs, one thing I discovered is that there is such a vast difference between looking and seeing. I was looking around all the time, even in my “crazy-busy” life, but that did not mean I was really seeing things.

I realized that so profoundly one day when I was sitting on the porch, looking out at my back yard. I commented to my Mother that I really had some beautiful flowers. She was incredulous and exclaimed “Don’t you know? Don’t you know?” No, I did not. I looked at the backyard every day. But, I never really saw the beauty of my own back yard.

REFLECTION: Do you ever look around without really taking in what you are seeing. With a bit of a slower pace these days, what do see that perhaps you never saw before?

What do you think?

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