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God’s Time Out: Can You Spend an Hour With Him?

The Agony in the Garden, painted copy by
Agnes Heckler

I am always so taken with Good Friday and that simple request Christ made to the apostles, wouldn’t they pray with him for an hour? I reflect how it was in my “time-outs” that I learned to simply spend time with God.

When I speak of my time-outs, I reflect that I was too sick to move, to leave the house. It was in the quiet of that time, that I could hear God’s voice.

Is that not something that we can collectively learn from the timeout we have due to the pandemic? As we sit quietly and pray whole-heartedly, may we begin to hear his voice and trust unconditionally in God’s tender love and mercy.

REFLECTION: Can you find an hour today to pray, to read the Bible, to attend a Good Friday service on-line, to simply BE with Christ? As you do, listen to the whispers He places on your heart. What is He asking of you today?

PICTURE NOTE: This is a painting that my Grandmother (my father’s side) did when she was young. A copy of the famous painting of the Agony in the Garden, her rendition is a treasure that I have at home.

2 thoughts on “God’s Time Out: Can You Spend an Hour With Him?”

  1. Truly beautiful and thought provoking reflections, Donna. I could make a weekend retreat reading, praying and meditating on them. Thank you

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