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God’s Time Out: The Long Wait

This Holy Saturday is a day of waiting, waiting for the resurrection and the joy of Easter. This year, we are also waiting to come out of our homes, waiting to return to work and life as we know it. What might you learn as you wait?

During my time-outs I found myself really struggling to wait on my body to heal. The thing was, it was my head that had the hardest time waiting. My body was very willing to simply rest. My head kept telling me to get busy, I should do more, it shouldn’t take this long for my body to heal.

I had to learn to turn off my brain and simply learn to “be”. To be present to the world, to those around me, to God.

REFLECTION: What are you learning during this time of waiting? How might you bring what you learn forward, after this period of waiting is over?

What do you think?

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